Yes, you need to Share It; your gift, talent, skill, the power, the knowledge, even the position you are holding right now. You may be wondering how do I mean by saying, ‘Share It, Don’t Keep It’? What is it that you’ve got, it wasn’t given to you to keep or hoard, it was meant for all the people around you. Everything you can think of that you’ve got in this life was not given to you for you (your own purpose), it was given to you in order to use it to color the lives of people around you including your own VisionYour Vision is beyond you, your Vision is not for you, your Purpose is for others. It was meant to be used to serve others. Let me ask you a question, Have you ever discovered that, anyone who serves never starve what he serves? Why is this so? It is so because he knows where the Source is and because of this, he would not be stranded in Resources.

That power, position, gift, talent, whatever, was meant to be Shared. Every thing you have in your hand today has an expiry date, just as the food you consume has an expiry date that you must eat it. The same implies to anything you’ve got in your hand today. When its expiry date matures, it turns into fire and it begins to burn you. It could destroy you. Don’t even wait to experience it. I know you must have experienced such in the past.

The power in your hands today has an Expiry Date which it turns around to Burn you if you don’t share it now to your subordinates now that you can still control it, before it turns around to control you. Saying you should Share the power does not mean you should abdicate; for any assignment you give out / delegate, be ready to take the full responsibility for it.

As regards your gifts, talent, money, strength and skill, not until you have given it will it produce anything for you. The too much knowledge you have acquired without looking for someone around you to pour some into will soon destroy you.

Other intangible things you can share is your Time and Lessons from your past Expeirnces.

Don’t forget to always give/share whatever you’ve got, each time you do this, you Increase in Size.

When you give or share those things in your custody, it shows that you have Hope that there is still a Greater and Brighter Level and Future to achieve ahead of you.

Give it, share it, sell it, distribute it, if you don’t, the people who need it will curse and fight you with everything they can.

People need what you’ve got; some need it in order to bless you, some, to pay for it and some , so that they can write your name of the Wall of Fame, Posterity and Greatness.

You’ve Got It, Search For It, Refine and Re-package It and Don’t keep it With You.


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