In the beginning of this year, lots of folks had plans, projects, and proposals.

It has been said that 98% of all projects that failed, fails because of poor planning.

Q. How many will agree with that?

This year, you need to have a working plan if you’ve not gotten one.


Planning distinguishes you from others

Your plan sets you on a higher pace than others.

Your plan is the plane that takes you higher above the circumstances and situations around you to your desired destination.


Planning is putting into black & white the structure of your proposed projects.

Planning is the act of designing the blueprint of your dream.

Planning is the ability to make plain your goals and actions.

Planning is breaking into smaller part the task before you.

Your plan is the plane that takes you to your desired destination.

(the 4Ps of planning)

Your plan is the vehicle, he who has no plan has no means to get anywhere.

How Often Should You Plan?

–>       PLAN ALWAYS, not daily, but on everything and you will see that your result will be great and tremendous on earth.


*When you plan, you free yourself of pain

*Each time you plan, you are consciously manufacturing and creating a plane / means / vehichle that will take you to your desired destination.

*without plan, you will never reach your goals and your life will drift away into nowhere.

*You ride on the wings of your plans.

*You use your plan to chart the course of your destiny.


You need a plan because:

Planning is crucial to any project.

Without a plan in anything you do, you will be totally frustrated and nothing or only a little will be accomplished.

Without proper and adequate plans, the circumstances, challenges of the hour, unusual situations and negative people will determine your priorities in life.

Without plans, you will never get out of low gears.

Now that you understand planning:

you might be asking yourself, “How do i start or where d i start from”?

* Begin with a Dream.

Your dream is the mental picture of your future.

Your dream is what you want to accomplish.

Work and walk towards that dream.

Know what you want and plan for it.

You will need Direction and Guidance of course, don’t b afraid to start.


1.         Get God’s plan for your life. Everyone has a reason for living, find yours.

*          What is God saying about your life?

*          Why has your Creator created you?

*          Of what importance are you meant to be to your world?

*          Have you asked God or you are developing your own plans?

Note that every plan demands DIRECTION and Direction comes only from God – your Creator.

You will run aimlessly for sure without God in your plans.

Your present plan delivers or saves you from the future pains.

Q. How good is / are your plan(s)?

Your good plan saves you from the future bad happenings.

Note this: The goodness of your plan starts from having God in it.

2.         BE JOYFUL when you are planning.

Planning period is sometimes a time of pain, yes, because you are paying a price.

Make sure you always enjoy the / your planning period.

Enjoying the process makes you Enthusiastic and your Enthusiasm about what you are doing (planning) make you thoughtful and this enables you have a well laid-out plans.


1.         Don’t Procrastinate

Time is a RESOURCE that is not renewable. It can’t be hoarded; it can only be used – invested wisely, spent or wasted.  Don’t let time be your enemy, make it your friend and deal with it wisely.


Always try and be an active participator in your plan.

Don’t wait for people to come and do it for you, go all the way out to work on your plan in order to get it done.

Be in the position of Influence in your plan in order to influence whatever happens around you.

3.         BE FLEXIBLE

Don’t be rigid


Don’t be distracted or deterred by any unfavorable situations around.

5.         PLAN TO BE A WINNER

Hear this, A loser will say “I will believe it when i see it”.

but a Winner will say “I will believe it without seeing it because i know anything can be possible / achieved”.


Winner Loser

Part of the answer                                                                Part of the problem

Have a plan                                                                            Have an excuse

Says “It is difficult but possible”                                          Says, “It is possible but too hard”

Sees an answer                                                                     Sees a problem

Sees the positive side                                                                       Sees the negative side

Falls down but gets up                                                         Falls down but says, “Somebody pushed me”

Never give up                                                                                    Quit


“Self confidence and courage are an unconquered army”

Finally, it has been said that you are as young as your faith, as old as your fear; as young as your confidence, as old as your doubts; as young as your dreams, as old as your despair.

No one grows old by living a certain number of years; we grow old only when we lose our dreams.


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