Your belief, knowledge, ability, capacity, capability, energy, degree, title, personality is worthless until you have converted it into action in order to generate a tangible result.

Often times, the simple answer to your / that problem is: Go to work; get on it, start doing something.

David Bly says, “Striving for Success without Hard Work Is like Trying to Harvest Where You Haven’t Planted”.

Note that what you believe, know and can do doesn’t amount to very much unless it causes you to wake up from your dream and start working.

You can’t just Dream yourself into what you could be, but you can Act yourself into it.

Don’t forget that the only time a lazy man / person ever succeed is when he tries to do nothing.

I have learnt this about life over the years that some people do things while others sit around becoming experts on how things might be done. The world is divided into people who do things, and people who talk about things. To which group do you belong? Answer yourself sincerely.

Belong to the first group, why? Because, there is far less competition there.

Don’t forget, wishing has never made a poor man wealthy.

Robert Half says, “Laziness is the secret ingredient that grows into failure. But it is only kept a secret from the person who fails.”

Rising above mediocrity never just happens; it is always a result of faith/belief combined with works.

Belief without work / action is like gold within the earth and it is of no value until it is mined out.

One individual with faith/belief and action constitutes a majority in the world of achievement.

Don’t forget to always realize that it is not enough to know that you know but it is very important to show (by your action) that you know.



Success comes to the man who does today what others were thinking of doing tomorrow.

Wasting time wastes ones life.

Miguel says “By the Street of by & by, One Arrives at the House of Never.”

When you won’t start, your difficulties won’t stop and the situation you are passing through won’t cease.

Tackle and face that problem/difficulty now, the longer you wait/allow it, the bigger it grows in your sight and in its size. The more you look at it, the more it gets magnified and defined both to your sight and in its size.

Note that the Cost of Growth is always less than the cost of Stagnation. Yes, you still come back to pay for it, I mean the price it carries at the present.

Do Some Thing Before Something Do You

Get up and Do Something now, don’t be like some people who sit around waiting for their ship to come in, often times they found it in hardship.

Do something today, take that little step today and an accumulation of it becomes a great journey to your destiny. One of the things I’ve learnt about life is that great door ride on small hinges. Great things will never make up for great achievement/success; it is little things that make up for great things.

Do those easy things today before it becomes hard.

Hard work is usually an accumulation of easy things that should have been done yesterday or in the past.

What you Fail to do today will Fail you tomorrow, when you dodge your Responsibilities, you can not also dodge the Consequences of dodging your responsibilities, it will surely come & catch up with you.


In the beginning of this year, lots of folks had plans, projects, and proposals.

It has been said that 98% of all projects that failed, fails because of poor planning.

Q. How many will agree with that?

This year, you need to have a working plan if you’ve not gotten one.


Planning distinguishes you from others

Your plan sets you on a higher pace than others.

Your plan is the plane that takes you higher above the circumstances and situations around you to your desired destination.


Planning is putting into black & white the structure of your proposed projects.

Planning is the act of designing the blueprint of your dream.

Planning is the ability to make plain your goals and actions.

Planning is breaking into smaller part the task before you.

Your plan is the plane that takes you to your desired destination.

(the 4Ps of planning)

Your plan is the vehicle, he who has no plan has no means to get anywhere.

How Often Should You Plan?

–>       PLAN ALWAYS, not daily, but on everything and you will see that your result will be great and tremendous on earth.


*When you plan, you free yourself of pain

*Each time you plan, you are consciously manufacturing and creating a plane / means / vehichle that will take you to your desired destination.

*without plan, you will never reach your goals and your life will drift away into nowhere.

*You ride on the wings of your plans.

*You use your plan to chart the course of your destiny.


You need a plan because:

Planning is crucial to any project.

Without a plan in anything you do, you will be totally frustrated and nothing or only a little will be accomplished.

Without proper and adequate plans, the circumstances, challenges of the hour, unusual situations and negative people will determine your priorities in life.

Without plans, you will never get out of low gears.

Now that you understand planning:

you might be asking yourself, “How do i start or where d i start from”?

* Begin with a Dream.

Your dream is the mental picture of your future.

Your dream is what you want to accomplish.

Work and walk towards that dream.

Know what you want and plan for it.

You will need Direction and Guidance of course, don’t b afraid to start.


1.         Get God’s plan for your life. Everyone has a reason for living, find yours.

*          What is God saying about your life?

*          Why has your Creator created you?

*          Of what importance are you meant to be to your world?

*          Have you asked God or you are developing your own plans?

Note that every plan demands DIRECTION and Direction comes only from God – your Creator.

You will run aimlessly for sure without God in your plans.

Your present plan delivers or saves you from the future pains.

Q. How good is / are your plan(s)?

Your good plan saves you from the future bad happenings.

Note this: The goodness of your plan starts from having God in it.

2.         BE JOYFUL when you are planning.

Planning period is sometimes a time of pain, yes, because you are paying a price.

Make sure you always enjoy the / your planning period.

Enjoying the process makes you Enthusiastic and your Enthusiasm about what you are doing (planning) make you thoughtful and this enables you have a well laid-out plans.


1.         Don’t Procrastinate

Time is a RESOURCE that is not renewable. It can’t be hoarded; it can only be used – invested wisely, spent or wasted.  Don’t let time be your enemy, make it your friend and deal with it wisely.


Always try and be an active participator in your plan.

Don’t wait for people to come and do it for you, go all the way out to work on your plan in order to get it done.

Be in the position of Influence in your plan in order to influence whatever happens around you.

3.         BE FLEXIBLE

Don’t be rigid


Don’t be distracted or deterred by any unfavorable situations around.

5.         PLAN TO BE A WINNER

Hear this, A loser will say “I will believe it when i see it”.

but a Winner will say “I will believe it without seeing it because i know anything can be possible / achieved”.


Winner Loser

Part of the answer                                                                Part of the problem

Have a plan                                                                            Have an excuse

Says “It is difficult but possible”                                          Says, “It is possible but too hard”

Sees an answer                                                                     Sees a problem

Sees the positive side                                                                       Sees the negative side

Falls down but gets up                                                         Falls down but says, “Somebody pushed me”

Never give up                                                                                    Quit


“Self confidence and courage are an unconquered army”

Finally, it has been said that you are as young as your faith, as old as your fear; as young as your confidence, as old as your doubts; as young as your dreams, as old as your despair.

No one grows old by living a certain number of years; we grow old only when we lose our dreams.

Influencing Your World

TO HAVE AN INFLUENCE TO A PARTICULAR THING MEANS, YOU HAVE GOTTEN A GRIP OF IT. And you know that no one will get a grip being empty.

It all begins with your personal Values.

Influence begins with your values and your values emerge from the things you value.

Influence begins with your vision. What’s your vision for your world and the future generation?

Before you can influence your world, you need to influence your immediate environment.

Influence begins with your differences and your uniqueness. What are the things you do differently and that distinguish you from others, even by nature?

Influence has to do with what your passion is. Where does your passion lie?

Influencing your world is/means you are infecting/affecting your world with the virus (virtues) you carry.

The virus you carry begins with what your passion and character is, also what you care so much about and for what you value so much in your life and in people’s life.

Influencing your world makes or automatically turns you to a Role Model to your world.

A man who had influenced his world would be and would always be recognized as a world changer.

To influence means to ‘affect positively or negatively’.

To influence your world is to cause a change in your world positively, either educationally, professionally, academically, socially or otherwise.

To influence your world means to infect and affect your world intentionally with the values you believe in, with the principles that had made you (the person you are now), with the knowledge that had exposed / transformed you.

Influencing your world doesn’t just start from your world, it would start from your very self (your personal development, personal awareness, your personal growth), it would then radiate and extend to your immediate environment and from there, your environment will blow it up to the world at large.

Ingredients For Influencing Your World

  1. Character

Your character speaks or says a lot about your personality. Your character is you in action. Character means steady. Your character is the repetition of your habits. Your character is deliberate, either you know when you exhibit it or not.

  1. Integrity

This is you saying ‘yes’ and it is found to be ‘yes’. Integrity is you saying yes and you are doing yes. Integrity is not compromising the standards given to you.

  1. Vision

Vision is very essential.

Before you can influence your world, vision is very necessary and important. Vision is critical to INFLUENCE. A man who would influence his world will be a man of discipline. Vision disciplines the vision carrier.

  1. Diligence

Diligence means ‘Daily Commitment To What You Do’. Diligence causes Growth. Diligence causes Increase. Diligence causes you to Go Beyond the limit set for or against you or a barrier.

Diligence is committing yourself daily to what you do and this eventually graduates you into Skillfulness. Skillfulness announces you; it positions and projects you as an authority to your world – an authority in the sense that, you command results cheaply even in the terrible and trying moments in your field.


Yes, you need to Share It; your gift, talent, skill, the power, the knowledge, even the position you are holding right now. You may be wondering how do I mean by saying, ‘Share It, Don’t Keep It’? What is it that you’ve got, it wasn’t given to you to keep or hoard, it was meant for all the people around you. Everything you can think of that you’ve got in this life was not given to you for you (your own purpose), it was given to you in order to use it to color the lives of people around you including your own VisionYour Vision is beyond you, your Vision is not for you, your Purpose is for others. It was meant to be used to serve others. Let me ask you a question, Have you ever discovered that, anyone who serves never starve what he serves? Why is this so? It is so because he knows where the Source is and because of this, he would not be stranded in Resources.

That power, position, gift, talent, whatever, was meant to be Shared. Every thing you have in your hand today has an expiry date, just as the food you consume has an expiry date that you must eat it. The same implies to anything you’ve got in your hand today. When its expiry date matures, it turns into fire and it begins to burn you. It could destroy you. Don’t even wait to experience it. I know you must have experienced such in the past.

The power in your hands today has an Expiry Date which it turns around to Burn you if you don’t share it now to your subordinates now that you can still control it, before it turns around to control you. Saying you should Share the power does not mean you should abdicate; for any assignment you give out / delegate, be ready to take the full responsibility for it.

As regards your gifts, talent, money, strength and skill, not until you have given it will it produce anything for you. The too much knowledge you have acquired without looking for someone around you to pour some into will soon destroy you.

Other intangible things you can share is your Time and Lessons from your past Expeirnces.

Don’t forget to always give/share whatever you’ve got, each time you do this, you Increase in Size.

When you give or share those things in your custody, it shows that you have Hope that there is still a Greater and Brighter Level and Future to achieve ahead of you.

Give it, share it, sell it, distribute it, if you don’t, the people who need it will curse and fight you with everything they can.

People need what you’ve got; some need it in order to bless you, some, to pay for it and some , so that they can write your name of the Wall of Fame, Posterity and Greatness.

You’ve Got It, Search For It, Refine and Re-package It and Don’t keep it With You.

The Power Of Meditation

Meditation is deep thinking. Meditation causes you to birth Medication (solution). Ther is never a thorough Meditation without a Solution as an Outcome – the Outcome is what we call Medication. Meditators are Medicators. They are Creative. They are the kind of people the world of today needs. Until you get yourself into the level of meditating regularly on issues, you will never Birth a Product of your Own.