The best is said to be, in the exercise of weighing against, the Most Quality Of All.

The best you can be starts from knowing who you are.

So Who Are You?

The best you can be begins with what/who you want to be – Your Own Decision.

So Who (in Personality) do you want to be?

The best you can be evolves and originates from knowing how to be the best.

The Requirements For Being The Best In Your Area Of Endeavour

The best you can be starts from the best you want to be.

–          How best do you want to be in what you do?

–          The best are always preferred

–          The best don’t just become the best.

To be the best, there are prices attached to it.

In the world of today, it is only the best that are always preferred above others and required for excellence.

The best of all the things you see today don’t just get there; they got there on the platform of the price they released/surrender themselves to to pay.

To be the best in whatever thing you do, there are prices and they are as follows.

è Know Who You Are. Knowing who you are (is knowing where you are presently), identify what you want to be the best at and weigh the prices/sacrifices attached it. Knowing your strength and your weakness.

è Know What You Want. Knowing what you want settles the second stage of wanting to be the best.

è Know Why You Want To Be The Best. When a purpose is known and adhered, getting the Right result out of your thoughts and your actions is certain.

è Go for Mentors. Mentors are those whom have been there before you. Those who have the Technical Know-How of the deal. Those who are ready and willing to share and rob minds and their experiences with you.

è Go Extra Mile. When others stop at reading a book, you go further by reading 2/another (extra). When others are playing, go further by practicing what you’ve learnt so that it can stick to your memory.

è Prayer. Prayer is said to be the conversation between the Creator and the creature.

–          Your prayer serves as a Booster and it gives you an edge over others.

–          Your prayer over what you do brings the attention of heaven (divinity) into the affairs of man (humanity).

–          When you pray, you touch the heart of He that can touch the heart of the earth.

–          Your prayer boosts your effort.

è Strive For Excellence. Striving for excellence means you are willing to go beyond the ordinary. Striving for excellence means you are not complacent in your doings/ways. This gives room for your Improvement in whatever you do. It takes you to where no one has ever gotten in that area of specialization.

Excellence means Being Different and Outstanding. Excellence is doing beyond the ordinary.

è Passion. Passion does it all.

Wherever strength, motivation, inspiration, encouragement ends, passion starts.

Passion is what drives you and keeps you going when everything around is declining to your vision.

Passion drives you when trials and unpalatable circumstances step in.

When opposition steps in, passion Kicks it out and Keeps you going.

Passion and Determination plus a pint of Blood in you will get you to your desired Destination.

è Be Discipline. Discipline yourself to do what you know you need to do in order to be the very best in your field. Brain Tracy said, “Self Discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it, whither you feel like it or not”. When you are discipline about your vision and your Mission, you create an edge for yourself amongst your peers.